Coastellite produces light objects, combining existing items found in daily life with light to make a characteristic lamp.

Selected items are upcycled, adjusted and are lit with the perfect light source. Coastellite Llights tell a story where modern culture and surrealism meet.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that are on your mind concerning the products. It would be nice to hear from you.


Phone: +31 (0)20 77 222 75




These artlamps (objects) were made with the utmost love and care for the product and buyer.These products are NOT for childeren or animals, to be used outside or be reused in its original intent. Coastellite can’t be held responsible for the misuse or disasambeling of the object. The objects were made to look at as a piece of art, and are in no way official lamps or made for daily household or professional use. When requested the objects can be tested and inspected by a certified inspector and provideded with a certificat.